Tap Water v/s Alkaline Water

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Tap water is the cheapest source of water. But is it the ideal water you should be drinking?

Our ideal water should have the following profile:

  1. pH of above 8.5, best is pH
  2. ORP of at least -100, -300 to -450
  3. Free from contaminants, pesticides
  4. Free from heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine etc.

pH Level
Tap water pH level in Mauritius is between 6.8-7.2 which is acceptable drinking water according to the WHO. It has no effect in curbing excess acidity in your body and cells and will potentially increase the build up of acids in your body. Remember, the pH scale is logarithmic meaning pH 8 is 100x more alkaline than pH 7 and pH 9 is 1000x more alkaline. Increasing your water pH level by just one point will make a HUGE difference to your health.

In contrast our Water Ionizer would be giving you water of pH 9.5 which will neutralise all excess acids in the body. Drinking alkaline water daily will dramatically boost up your health.

Orp Level
We can measure the antioxidant content of all liquids. Tap Water is Unhealthy Oxidizing Water and it has a positive ORP. The standardised measure for the antioxidants in liquids is Oxidation Reduction Potential or ORP. With ORP, the lower the number the more antioxidants are present in the liquid.

Tap water often has an ORP of between +350 and +500. Testing has shown that it is never below +125 for tap water. Alkaline water from a Bawell Ionizer has an ORP of between -250 and -450.

Tap Water is contaminated
Tap water contains many contaminants and need to be filtered. Our 3 Stage Filters is ideal for pre-filtering before Ionization. Heavy metals such as mercury, pesticides and chemicals such as excessive fluoride and chlorine mean that our tap water is really contaminated.

Clear water does not mean clean water. Survey carried out in USA has revealed as many as 315 pollutants in tap water out of which 201 are unregulated by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

If 201 contaminants are unregulated in USA, then just think about how many uncontrolled contaminants are found in our water in Mauritius. Details of water testing analysis are not available from the CWA in Mauritius. It is also a well-known fact that farmers in Mauritius are famous for their excessive use of Herbicides, Pesticides and Chemical Fertilizers. These harmful toxins eventually find their way in our streams and reservoirs.

To treat this water we add more chemicals like chlorine and fluoride making the situation even worst. Chlorine levels in tap water have increased dramatically in the past few years to protect against bacteria and e-coli outbreaks. “Safe” chlorine levels are approximately 0.5 ppm (parts per million), whereas current levels stand around 2.0-4.0 ppm. This is clearly not heading in the right direction & you really have to filter your drinking water.

In summer 2011 and 2012 due to drought in Mauritius, water from lakes were just chlorinated and distributed to the population. Many people complained about the poor quality of the water. The water pumped from these temporary stations are situated near vegetable plantations using pesticides and herbicides. Some pumping stations are very near to residential areas in rural regions with not access to waste water system.

You can now imagine how exposed you are in summer when your consumption of drinking water is at its highest level.