Contaminants found in water

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People often do not understand the effects some contaminants may have on their health and often equate the clarity of water with its purity. The only way to know the quality of your water is to have it tested. How many can afford to do that?

Drinking water may be contaminated at source, during treatment or during the distribution to the consumer. Surface water is exposed to acid rain, pesticide overspill or by waste generated from industrial activity. On the other hand, groundwater can be contaminated by garbage landfills, waste from septic systems, agricultural chemicals and industrial waster or by disease-producing pathogens.

High levels of contaminants in drinking water which although rare, can cause nausea, lung irritation, skin rash, vomiting, dizziness, and even death. Little or tolerable level of contaminants are more likely to cause chronic health effects over time following repeated exposure to small amounts of a chemical or a pollutant. Some chronic health effects include birth defects, liver and kidney damage, cancer, damage to the nervous system and the immune system.

Contaminants in drinking water

Survey carried out in USA has revealed as many as 315 pollutants in tap water out of which 201 are unregulated by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Our pre-filters will ensure that your water is free from dirt, rust, tiny particles, organic substances, unpleasant odor, chlorine, residue pesticides or harmful chemicals and metals. To have pure drinking water filled with anti-oxydents at home have a look at the Bawelll SM1 alkaline water ionizer.